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Command Program (or CP for short) is a little experiment I programed in BASIC. CP is a command based program a lot like the Windows cmd. The developer package is for people who own Microsoft Small BASIC (The program I used to make CP) so they can look at and edit my code.


V 1.0 released

V 1.1 Added command: /newton's laws

V 1.2 Added command: /make music

V 1.3 Added command: /print

V 1.3.1 Minor bug fixes

V 1.3.2 Minor bug fixes

V 1.3.3 Major bug fixes

More information

Published201 days ago
Author100MPH games
Tagscommand, cp, program
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Download the .zip file then you can extract it to your desktop or into a folder but all 4 things in the .zip file must be in the same location on your computer for CP to run correctly. Additionally you may encounter a window that basically says this could be a virus. It is not, it says this because CP is a .exe file and they could contain viruses. If you hit more options there will be a button that says "run anyway" if you click that it will run CP.


CP (v1.3.3).zip (153 kB)
CP (v1.3.3) Developer Package.zip (154 kB)


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Nice job man! :)

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